what is impractical and adhere to that objective Of ten two small macros are better

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macro must do, evaluate other possibilities, discard what is impractical and adhere to that objective Of ten two small macros are better than one large macro



Good plan ning is the key to suc cess Start with the draw ing first, and for para met ric pro grams,

study sev eral sim i lar draw ings Iden tify the fea tures that never change, and fea tures that may

Angle Straightening Machine

change Do not for get the ma te rial of the part, the setup meth ods, the ma chine used, and the tools

Try to pre dict what fea tures may ex ist on sim i lar draw ings in the fu ture Al ways think ahead, and

eval u ate as many op tions as pos si ble Ask the right peo ple for an opin ion Even with a well es tab –

lished ob jec tive, poor plan ning will re sult in a poor macro – establish strict cri te ria



See ing is be liev ing – draw a sche matic sketch that shows all fea tures of the planned macro Use

de tails if nec es sary, and es tab lish crit i cal lo ca tions, such as the pro gram zero, clear ances, start

point for the busbar fabrication tool, off sets, tool change point (if re quired), etc If the macro re quires the use of a

math e mat i cal for mula, in clude the ge neric for mula in the sketch and test the for mula on all typ i cal

fea tures Such a work ing sketch, with or with out cal cu la tions, should al ways be kept up to date

and filed for fu ture ref er ence



De cide on the method of how the tool is go ing to ap proach the ma te rial, cut the ma te rial, and

de part from the ma te rial Think of the cur rent part as well as the fu ture parts Can one hydraulic press manufacturers tool be used

or more copper busbar processing machine tools are nec es sary? Can the toolpath be uni form? Is the start ing point in a safe lo ca tion?

How about cal cu lat ing the depth, width, stepover amount, num ber of passes, pen e tra tion clear –

ance, rough ing and fin ish ing, and doz ens of other con sid er ations? Col lect all in for ma tion that can

be col lected, in clud ing ma chin ing con di tions such as spin dle sp


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