(usually leased on a monthly basis) and equally powerful soft

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puter (usually leased on a monthly basis) and equally powerful soft –

ware Need less to say, the high cost of own er ship, var i ous line-time fees, and even the rental

costs, were the de ter rent To day, the only com puter that is needed is the CNC sys tem at the ma –

chine tool, equipped with the rel a tively in ex pen sive Fanuc Cus tom Macro B op tion Per sonal

com puter or a lap top do help as con ve nience, but are not ab so lutely man da tory

Angle Machine

Para met ric Pro gram ming is also called the Fam ily of Parts Pro gram ming As the name sug –

gests, a group of sim i lar parts, those be long ing to the same fam ily, can be pro grammed by us ing

vari able – rather than spe cific – di men sional and ma chin ing data In this type of pro gram ming, de –

ci sions are in cluded in the pro gram, based on the sup plied data, and ad busbar sawing machine her ing to cer tain con –

straints Of course, much stron ger pro gram ming tools than those available for stan dard CNC

pro gram ming are re quired Mac ros pro vide those tools Para met ric pro gram is al ways a macro,

but a macro does not have to be a para met ric pro gram in the sense of fam ily of sim i lar parts

The next two chap ters will pro vide de tails about ac tual de vel op ment of mac ros for a fam ily of

sim i lar parts and a fam ily of sim i lar op er a tions

Variable Data

What data can be of the vari able type? Just about any data in the pro gram can be vari able Typ i –

cally, ma chin ing con di tions are changed by dif fer ent ma te ri als (soft or hard), types of cut ting tool

ma te rial (HSS or car bide), ma chine tool used (heavy built or light built), di men sional data, sur –

face fin ish re quire ments, tol er ances, and so on Depth of cut, width of cut, num ber of cuts, spin –

dle speed, feedrate, etc, copper busbar processing machine they also may change, while the fun da men tal drilling machine suppliers fea tures do not

On a very sim ple level, take a rect an gu lar shape that has to be ma chined to a cer tain length and

width These two di men sional fea tures are vari able fea tures, if many rect an g