parametric programming will bring benefits or not

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 parametric programming will bring benefits or not:


Large number of parts that are same in shape but different in dimensions


Large number of parts that are similar in shape


Parts that repeat fairly frequently

Straightening Machine


Parts that contain repetitive tool path


Various machining patterns

Para met ric of pro gram ming is never a re place ment for other meth ods – it only en hances them

There could be a sig nif i cant in vest ment in time spent on para met ric macro pro gram de vel op ment

The re sult ing ben e fits must be tan gi ble and mea sur able, in or der to be eco nom i cally ef fi cient

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Planned Approach to Macro Development

When it co mes to ac tu ally writ ing a para met ric pro gram, or any other macro, there are many

per sonal pref er ences pro gram mers choose from Mac ros are usu ally writ ten by ex busbar fabrication pe ri enced pro –

gram mers, who have de vel oped a cer tain pro gram ming style al ready How ever, some tech niques

have proven to work well for most pro gram mers The first con sid er ation, and the one that is also

the most im por tant, is to have a goal – a pur pose What ob jec tives the macro should achieve?

Fol low ing this chapter is a sim ple but quite com pre hen sive prac ti cal ex am ple of a planned ap –

proach to macro de vel op ment for fam ily of parts The tech niques and con sid er ations from this

sec tion will be ap plied to the prac ti cal ex am ple that fol lows It is im por tant to un der stand them

well The pre sented list is a sug ges tion only – its pur pose is drilling machine company to of fer guid ance through all steps of

de vel op ing a suc cess ful macro The prac ti cal ex am ple will use many of these sug ges tions



Many pro gram mers can get a lit tle too am bi tious and try to set the ob jec tive too high and want a

sin gle macro to do too much That could be a very serious mis take De cide what th


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