Making a separate program for each rect angle drawing is the traditional way Making

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les have to be machined Making a separate program for each rect angle drawing is the traditional way Making one

macro that will do any rect an gle is the most ef fi cient way, the macro way By sub sti tut ing the

length and width vari ables, the ‘new’ pro gram can be used Ben e fits are fast be com ing clear


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Chapter 18

Angle Straightening

Ben e fits of Para met ric Pro gram ming

Fast turn around in pro duc tion is the most sig nif i cant ben e fit of fam ily of parts mac ros More

time is of ten needed to de velop a macro than a stan dard pro gram, but this time is an ex cel lent in –

vest ment, es pe cially if the macro will be used of ten Know ing the ben e fits para met ric pro gram –

ming of fers, con trib utes to better busbar sawing machine de ci sion when to de velop a para met ric pro gram and when a

stan dard pro gram is more suit able Para met ric pro gram ming ben e fits in these im prove ments:


Overall benefits


Quick turnaround between parts


Reduced time for program checking


Product quality improvement


Decrease of overall CNC Movement Drilling machine production costs

In di vid u ally, the ben e fits drill machine buy online may be fur ther iden ti fied in the pro duc tion and pro gram ming ar eas: u

Benefits in the production area:


Reduction of scrap parts


Increased quality of the machined part


Tooling cost down due to standardized tooling


Increased productivity of the CNC machine


Lower maintenance costs


Benefits in the programming area:


Drastic reduction is programming time


Programming errors reduced or eliminated


Consistency for all similar parts


Easier workload transition

In or der to ben e fit from the para met ric ap proach to pro gram ming, the first step is to iden tify

suit able parts Not ev ery pro gram ming job is suit able for the ad di tional in vest ment in time

When to Program Parametrically

The sev eral ar eas al ready men tioned are also very im por tant in de ter mi na tion whether th


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