(usually leased on a monthly basis) and equally powerful soft

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puter (usually leased on a monthly basis) and equally powerful soft –

ware Need less to say, the high cost of own er ship, var i ous line-time fees, and even the rental

costs, were the de ter rent To day, the only com puter that is needed is the CNC sys tem at the ma –

chine tool, equipped with the rel a tively in ex pen sive Fanuc Cus tom Macro B op tion Per sonal

com puter or a lap top do help as con ve nience, but are not ab so lutely man da tory

Angle Machine

Para met ric Pro gram ming is also called the Fam ily of Parts Pro gram ming As the name sug –

gests, a group of sim i lar parts, those be long ing to the same fam ily, can be pro grammed by us ing

vari able – rather than spe cific – di men sional and ma chin ing data In this type of pro gram ming, de –

ci sions are in cluded in the pro gram, based on the sup plied data, and ad busbar sawing machine her ing to cer tain con –

straints Of course, much stron ger pro gram ming tools than those available for stan dard CNC

pro gram ming are re quired Mac ros pro vide those tools Para met ric pro gram is al ways a macro,

but a macro does not have to be a para met ric pro gram in the sense of fam ily of sim i lar parts

The next two chap ters will pro vide de tails about ac tual de vel op ment of mac ros for a fam ily of

sim i lar parts and a fam ily of sim i lar op er a tions

Variable Data

What data can be of the vari able type? Just about any data in the pro gram can be vari able Typ i –

cally, ma chin ing con di tions are changed by dif fer ent ma te ri als (soft or hard), types of cut ting tool

ma te rial (HSS or car bide), ma chine tool used (heavy built or light built), di men sional data, sur –

face fin ish re quire ments, tol er ances, and so on Depth of cut, width of cut, num ber of cuts, spin –

dle speed, feedrate, etc, copper busbar processing machine they also may change, while the fun da men tal drilling machine suppliers fea tures do not

On a very sim ple level, take a rect an gu lar shape that has to be ma chined to a cer tain length and

width These two di men sional fea tures are vari able fea tures, if many rect an g

parametric programming will bring benefits or not

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 parametric programming will bring benefits or not:


Large number of parts that are same in shape but different in dimensions


Large number of parts that are similar in shape


Parts that repeat fairly frequently

Straightening Machine


Parts that contain repetitive tool path


Various machining patterns

Para met ric of pro gram ming is never a re place ment for other meth ods – it only en hances them

There could be a sig nif i cant in vest ment in time spent on para met ric macro pro gram de vel op ment

The re sult ing ben e fits must be tan gi ble and mea sur able, in or der to be eco nom i cally ef fi cient

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Planned Approach to Macro Development

When it co mes to ac tu ally writ ing a para met ric pro gram, or any other macro, there are many

per sonal pref er ences pro gram mers choose from Mac ros are usu ally writ ten by ex busbar fabrication pe ri enced pro –

gram mers, who have de vel oped a cer tain pro gram ming style al ready How ever, some tech niques

have proven to work well for most pro gram mers The first con sid er ation, and the one that is also

the most im por tant, is to have a goal – a pur pose What ob jec tives the macro should achieve?

Fol low ing this chapter is a sim ple but quite com pre hen sive prac ti cal ex am ple of a planned ap –

proach to macro de vel op ment for fam ily of parts The tech niques and con sid er ations from this

sec tion will be ap plied to the prac ti cal ex am ple that fol lows It is im por tant to un der stand them

well The pre sented list is a sug ges tion only – its pur pose is drilling machine company to of fer guid ance through all steps of

de vel op ing a suc cess ful macro The prac ti cal ex am ple will use many of these sug ges tions



Many pro gram mers can get a lit tle too am bi tious and try to set the ob jec tive too high and want a

sin gle macro to do too much That could be a very serious mis take De cide what th

what is impractical and adhere to that objective Of ten two small macros are better

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macro must do, evaluate other possibilities, discard what is impractical and adhere to that objective Of ten two small macros are better than one large macro



Good plan ning is the key to suc cess Start with the draw ing first, and for para met ric pro grams,

study sev eral sim i lar draw ings Iden tify the fea tures that never change, and fea tures that may

Angle Straightening Machine

change Do not for get the ma te rial of the part, the setup meth ods, the ma chine used, and the tools

Try to pre dict what fea tures may ex ist on sim i lar draw ings in the fu ture Al ways think ahead, and

eval u ate as many op tions as pos si ble Ask the right peo ple for an opin ion Even with a well es tab –

lished ob jec tive, poor plan ning will re sult in a poor macro – establish strict cri te ria



See ing is be liev ing – draw a sche matic sketch that shows all fea tures of the planned macro Use

de tails if nec es sary, and es tab lish crit i cal lo ca tions, such as the pro gram zero, clear ances, start

point for the busbar fabrication tool, off sets, tool change point (if re quired), etc If the macro re quires the use of a

math e mat i cal for mula, in clude the ge neric for mula in the sketch and test the for mula on all typ i cal

fea tures Such a work ing sketch, with or with out cal cu la tions, should al ways be kept up to date

and filed for fu ture ref er ence



De cide on the method of how the tool is go ing to ap proach the ma te rial, cut the ma te rial, and

de part from the ma te rial Think of the cur rent part as well as the fu ture parts Can one hydraulic press manufacturers tool be used

or more copper busbar processing machine tools are nec es sary? Can the toolpath be uni form? Is the start ing point in a safe lo ca tion?

How about cal cu lat ing the depth, width, stepover amount, num ber of passes, pen e tra tion clear –

ance, rough ing and fin ish ing, and doz ens of other con sid er ations? Col lect all in for ma tion that can

be col lected, in clud ing ma chin ing con di tions such as spin dle sp

the avail able functions to speed up the manual key board in put

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 the avail able functions to speed up the manual key board in put This short cut

can be used for in sert ing new words or al ter ing ex ist ing words:





Angle Straightening Machine

























































The func tions iden ti fied with (*) are not avail able on Fanuc 0/16/18/21 model con trols An ab –

bre vi ated short cut of the macro func tion will be fully dis played on the con trol screen The fol low –

ing ex am ples com pare the two meth ods of macro ab bre vi a tions:


Abbreviated length input example:

WH[AB[#1] LE RO[#2]]

Abbreviated input format


Full length input example – the plate drilling machine ab bre vi ated in put above is the same as the full in put be low:


Full input format

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This chap ter in tro duces the ba sic and the key part of the hand book – it in tro duces var i ous Fanuc

con trol features that re late to prac ti cal uses for mac ros in a typ i cal ma chine shop en vi ron ment It

also cov ers the ben e fits that can be ex pected Pre vi ous chap ters have al ready pro vided many nec –

es sary ‘tools of the trade’ That does not mean there are no more ‘tools’ available – on the con trary

– but enough ‘tools’ have al ready been pre sented to be able de punching metal hydraulic press manufacturers velop some ac tual mac ros that can

be used on a daily ba sis Be fore dis cuss ing the ac tual de vel op ment some back ground should help

What is a Parametric Programming ?

Since the days of lan guage based NC and CNC pro gram ming, para met ric ap proach to pro gram

de vel op ment was pro moted The re quire ments were quite ex pen sive, be cause the user had to have

a pow er ful main frame com

Making a separate program for each rect angle drawing is the traditional way Making

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les have to be machined Making a separate program for each rect angle drawing is the traditional way Making one

macro that will do any rect an gle is the most ef fi cient way, the macro way By sub sti tut ing the

length and width vari ables, the ‘new’ pro gram can be used Ben e fits are fast be com ing clear


Copyright 2005, Industrial Press Inc, New York, NY – FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 18

Angle Straightening

Ben e fits of Para met ric Pro gram ming

Fast turn around in pro duc tion is the most sig nif i cant ben e fit of fam ily of parts mac ros More

time is of ten needed to de velop a macro than a stan dard pro gram, but this time is an ex cel lent in –

vest ment, es pe cially if the macro will be used of ten Know ing the ben e fits para met ric pro gram –

ming of fers, con trib utes to better busbar sawing machine de ci sion when to de velop a para met ric pro gram and when a

stan dard pro gram is more suit able Para met ric pro gram ming ben e fits in these im prove ments:


Overall benefits


Quick turnaround between parts


Reduced time for program checking


Product quality improvement


Decrease of overall CNC Movement Drilling machine production costs

In di vid u ally, the ben e fits drill machine buy online may be fur ther iden ti fied in the pro duc tion and pro gram ming ar eas: u

Benefits in the production area:


Reduction of scrap parts


Increased quality of the machined part


Tooling cost down due to standardized tooling


Increased productivity of the CNC machine


Lower maintenance costs


Benefits in the programming area:


Drastic reduction is programming time


Programming errors reduced or eliminated


Consistency for all similar parts


Easier workload transition

In or der to ben e fit from the para met ric ap proach to pro gram ming, the first step is to iden tify

suit able parts Not ev ery pro gram ming job is suit able for the ad di tional in vest ment in time

When to Program Parametrically

The sev eral ar eas al ready men tioned are also very im por tant in de ter mi na tion whether th

The Effect of Hydraulic Dynamic Damping

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Dynamic damping, as the name suggests, is to improve the dynamic performance and set the damping, usually only in the dynamic (transient) when it plays a role, at least there are three roles: 1, shock absorption; 2, delay actuators time; Controlled interstage dynamic pressure feedback.

Steel structure drilling machine

1, such as the pilot relief valve main valve spool cavity set dynamic damping, can reduce the dynamic process of vibration, the greater the vibration, the stronger the damping effect, but in a small range of vibration, the damping effect is almost no. Set the damping on the spool off time greater  steel straightening machine impact should be taken into account shock absorption and response time.
2, such as the pilot reversing valve of the main commutation stage, set the damping can make the commutation gentle, but does not affect the steady-state performance, the damping and spring cavity constitute a first-order inertia, the turning frequency is generally higher than the spool second- Of the natural frequency, determines the frequency response of the valve. In fact, is the import and export of throttle valve speed control model.
3, the direct pressure comparison pilot relief valve pilot level, set the dynamic steel beam fabrication pressure damping, one is to improve the dynamic process, increase the speed of damping coefficient, the second is to constitute the level of dynamic pressure feedback, feedback to achieve a form.

The future mission of the Earth Science Lidar

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1 Ice Sheet, Cloud and Land Altitude Monitoring Satellite-2 Mission (ICESat-2) ICESat-2 is the ICESat follow-up mission. ICESat was launched in January 2003 and ended in February 2010. ICESat-2 will provide high-quality terrain measurement data to assess the changes in ice volume, decisive ice melting to sea-level rise. ICESat-2 on the load name for the Advanced Terrain Measurement Laser Altitude System (AdvancedTopographicLaserAltimeterSystem best cnc machines, ATLAS). The original ATLAS vision is an egg-beam laser height system that follows the GLAS concept with low repetition (50 Hz), high energy (pulse energy 50 mJ), and short pulse width (about 6 ns). In mid-2009, ATLAS was re-envisioned. At the moment the idea of ​​using non-scanning 6 beam system, the beam arrangement is 3 × 2, using micro-pulse photon counting system, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 (a) NASES second-generation Earth orbit multi-beam laser altimeter ICESat-2 shows the attempt; (b) The laser uses high repetition frequency (10kHz) welding gantry, medium energy (single pulse energy about 900μJ), short pulse width (<1.5ns). Hamamatsu Model 7600-16M photomultiplier was used as the detector. Laser wavelength 1064nm frequency multiplier of 532nm, the reason is the lack of space for the use of long-lived near-infrared single photon detector. Figure 2 (left) space measurement point of view; (on the right) using the two HITRAN2004 calculated near the 1570nm wavelength near CO2 transmittance results; (left) at the moment the choice of 1572 metal sheet punching machine.33nmCO2 receive line and wavelength sampling strategy; Weighted function of calculation 3.2 Automatic Monitoring of CO2 Emissions at Night, Day and Season (ASCENDS) ASCENDS intends to be the first space-based laser spectroscopy instrument that can be thought of as weather and hydrography to monitor changes in aerosols and clouds, and to monitor changes in sea-color for open-ocean biogeochemistry.


ASCENDS using laser absorption spectroscopy to measure the global atmosphere of carbon dioxide spatial distribution of precision to 1 ~ 2ppm, measuring global land and sea carbon dioxide source and sink spatial resolution of 1 degree, the data update rate once a month, can supply On the continuous measurement of the sea without clouds, in the low sun angle and night can do. GSC (GoddardSpaceFlightCenter) uses a pulsed lidar as a candidate for ASCENDS, as shown in Figure 3. The scheme uses a parametric erbium-doped fiber amplifier to amplify the 1.57μm spectral range of the near-far wavelength, which is used to measure the atmospheric carbon dioxide. The accuracy of the initial path measurement is less than 1%. Using a dual-band laser pulse laser absorption spectrometer and differential path to receive laser radar technology. Figure 3 space laser radar performance and 500km orbital altitude radar mold mounted map 3.3 LIDAR Profiles Description of the Measurement Mission (LIST) LIST intends to complete the measurement requirements of jade into the cage cover, life of 3 years cnc punch, 400km orbital height, 5km imaging banner width, the basic rationale shown in Figure 4. 3.4 Earth Gravity Field Measurements and Weather Attempts (GRACE-FO and GRACE-2) GRACE-2 system is estimated to launch in 2025, the system uses a laser ranging system to get a higher accuracy. The GRACE-FO system was estimated to be launched in 2016 to verify the feasibility of the laser ranging system used in the GRACE-2 system. The performance objectives of single-frequency lasers in GRACE-FO are shown in Table 2.

Clutch in the precision punch in what role Punching clutch is an important part of precision punching machine

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Clutch in the precision punch in what role Punching clutch is an important part of precision punching machine Busbar Processing Machine. It is installed between the flywheel and the crankshaft of the punch press. The clutch and the brake are synchronized during the operation pipe welding machine. That is, the clutch is actuated, the brake is released, the clutch is divided. Action, brake lock. The clutch shaft comprises a clutch main body, a clutch oblique key, a clutch lever and a gland, wherein the rotary shaft of the clutch oblique key and the clutch lever are respectively installed in the shaft hole of the clutch main body and the gland angle shearing machine, The clutch hook oblique key of the hook-shaped lever and the clutch lever on the short arm position in the clutch body of the bending column wall spring hole is equipped with compression spring, the clutch is running principle: When the clutch oblique keys under the action of the spring Into the corresponding wedge keyway of the drive flywheel to effect drive engagement. In actual operation, the clutch control brake by opening and closing to determine the stroke of the slider, the brake release, the punch of the cam mechanism will work, the slider down, when any point brake tightened, the cam-controlled The axis will get an empty trip, the slider picks up.

Pneumatic punch which the best quality?

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Online a variety of pneumatic punch see dazzling! Do not know the company’s products are genuine, and some offer very cheap, and some offer a high punching machine for sale, there must be a lot of people do not know how to choose their own equipment straightening press. IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. headquarters and the rational layout of the production plant, management and orderly, with good basic conditions for sustainable development. (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision detection equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the ERP, PDM, CAM, and so on. Enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand for resilience. IPM pneumatic punch high-quality steel plate welded body hydraulic press manufacturers, have been tempered (or vibration aging), shot blasting treatment, good rigidity, accuracy and stability; crankshaft longitudinal, compact structure, crankshaft after high-frequency quenching grinding, Flexible; rectangular six-sided extended guide, guide surface bronze panel, high-precision steering. Pneumatic punching equipment in Fujian preferred – IPM.

Related industries fabric presses Specification of press Fabric printing and punching machines

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Related industries fabric presses Specification of press Fabric printing and punching machines, flat products Approved by the Chief Executive Heating plate size: 108 mm diameter 108x: 45 Automatic Fabric Pressing Machine Applicable to printingn logo band saw machine, business cards, invitation cards and small area printing. Features: 1 microprocessor control, pneumatic components driven; 2 stamping pressure, temperature, time adjustable; 3 can be moved back and forth steel fabrication, easy and safe operation; 4 table can be manually front and rear cnc machining center, left and right, and slightly 5auoto and adjustable paper feeding, collection; 6 according to the height of a variety of substrates, stamping height adjustment by turning the hand wheel, and stamping stroke adjustment knob.

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