The Effect of Hydraulic Dynamic Damping

February 7, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorised · Comment 

Dynamic damping, as the name suggests, is to improve the dynamic performance and set the damping, usually only in the dynamic (transient) when it plays a role, at least there are three roles: 1, shock absorption; 2, delay actuators time; Controlled interstage dynamic pressure feedback.

Steel structure drilling machine

1, such as the pilot relief valve main valve spool cavity set dynamic damping, can reduce the dynamic process of vibration, the greater the vibration, the stronger the damping effect, but in a small range of vibration, the damping effect is almost no. Set the damping on the spool off time greater  steel straightening machine impact should be taken into account shock absorption and response time.
2, such as the pilot reversing valve of the main commutation stage, set the damping can make the commutation gentle, but does not affect the steady-state performance, the damping and spring cavity constitute a first-order inertia, the turning frequency is generally higher than the spool second- Of the natural frequency, determines the frequency response of the valve. In fact, is the import and export of throttle valve speed control model.
3, the direct pressure comparison pilot relief valve pilot level, set the dynamic steel beam fabrication pressure damping, one is to improve the dynamic process, increase the speed of damping coefficient, the second is to constitute the level of dynamic pressure feedback, feedback to achieve a form.