Clutch in the precision punch in what role Punching clutch is an important part of precision punching machine

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Clutch in the precision punch in what role Punching clutch is an important part of precision punching machine Busbar Processing Machine. It is installed between the flywheel and the crankshaft of the punch press. The clutch and the brake are synchronized during the operation pipe welding machine. That is, the clutch is actuated, the brake is released, the clutch is divided. Action, brake lock. The clutch shaft comprises a clutch main body, a clutch oblique key, a clutch lever and a gland, wherein the rotary shaft of the clutch oblique key and the clutch lever are respectively installed in the shaft hole of the clutch main body and the gland angle shearing machine, The clutch hook oblique key of the hook-shaped lever and the clutch lever on the short arm position in the clutch body of the bending column wall spring hole is equipped with compression spring, the clutch is running principle: When the clutch oblique keys under the action of the spring Into the corresponding wedge keyway of the drive flywheel to effect drive engagement. In actual operation, the clutch control brake by opening and closing to determine the stroke of the slider, the brake release, the punch of the cam mechanism will work, the slider down, when any point brake tightened, the cam-controlled The axis will get an empty trip, the slider picks up.

Pneumatic punch which the best quality?

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Online a variety of pneumatic punch see dazzling! Do not know the company’s products are genuine, and some offer very cheap, and some offer a high punching machine for sale, there must be a lot of people do not know how to choose their own equipment straightening press. IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. headquarters and the rational layout of the production plant, management and orderly, with good basic conditions for sustainable development. (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision detection equipment, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the ERP, PDM, CAM, and so on. Enterprise information engineering, with rapid response to market demand for resilience. IPM pneumatic punch high-quality steel plate welded body hydraulic press manufacturers, have been tempered (or vibration aging), shot blasting treatment, good rigidity, accuracy and stability; crankshaft longitudinal, compact structure, crankshaft after high-frequency quenching grinding, Flexible; rectangular six-sided extended guide, guide surface bronze panel, high-precision steering. Pneumatic punching equipment in Fujian preferred – IPM.

Related industries fabric presses Specification of press Fabric printing and punching machines

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Related industries fabric presses Specification of press Fabric printing and punching machines, flat products Approved by the Chief Executive Heating plate size: 108 mm diameter 108x: 45 Automatic Fabric Pressing Machine Applicable to printingn logo band saw machine, business cards, invitation cards and small area printing. Features: 1 microprocessor control, pneumatic components driven; 2 stamping pressure, temperature, time adjustable; 3 can be moved back and forth steel fabrication, easy and safe operation; 4 table can be manually front and rear cnc machining center, left and right, and slightly 5auoto and adjustable paper feeding, collection; 6 according to the height of a variety of substrates, stamping height adjustment by turning the hand wheel, and stamping stroke adjustment knob.

Electro – hydraulic proportional flow valve overview Electro

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hydraulic proportional flow valve overview In this case, Hydraulic press electrohydraulic proportional flow valve is a direct-acting electro-hydraulic proportional throttle CNC H-Beam Drilling. 3, the axial displacement of the valve body with respect to the valve body (ie, the axial opening of the valve port) is proportional to the input electrical signal of the proportional electromagnet, and the proportional force of the proportional solenoid is proportional to the input electric signal of the proportional solenoid. This valve structure Yang single steel beam fabrication, inexpensive, hydraulic presses in addition to the icon normally closed, there are often open. But because there is no pressure or other dramatic measurement of compensation measures, work by the friction and the impact of fluid power, so the control accuracy is not high, suitable for low-pressure small cut hydraulic system used.

In this case, Hydraulic press electrohydraulic proportional flow valve is a displacement electric feedback type of straight robbery electro-hydraulic proportional speed control valve. It consists of a throttle valve, a differential pressure reducing valve 4 as a pressure compensator and a small inductive displacement sensor 6 of the check valve 5. The pressure- The position of the throttle valve core 3 is detected by the displacement sensor 6 and fed back to the seven amplifiers. When the liquid flow from the B port to the port by the Ar, the one-way valve is open, can not afford proportional flow control. This proportional speed control valve can overcome the influence of interference force, static, dynamic characteristics is better iron punching machine, mainly for smaller flow systems.

high-speed precision presses, precision punch features, applications IPM high-speed precision

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high-speed precision presses, precision punch features, applications IPM high-speed precision punch press bed material using high-grade Dished Head Punching Machine, high-strength cast iron and to stress-tempering and natural aging treatment to ensure that the deformation coefficient is small, precision and stability. High-speed precision press lubrication system is fully enclosed forced lubrication, the original industrial duct design, the main body of the cooling process faster and more natural. High-speed precision punch presses on the main system using a pressure display, pressure switch protection and other measures to improve the stability of the system. IPM  precision punch is widely used in liquid, gas, fountain, acid and alkaline fluid piping, automation control system is indispensable products. Products widely used in machinery, environmental protection, metallurgy, textile, printing and dyeing, medicine, food, light industry, ships, locomotives, scientific research and other areas of the national economy busbar punch. Shenzhen IPM Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision punching machines. Over the years, we have been focusing on the research and development angle shearing, production, sales and daily maintenance of precision presses in Shenzhen. According to the requirements of professional R  D, if you are in need of our products, please call us.

The Characteristics and Principle of Shenzhen Precision Press IPM precision punch features

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The Characteristics and Principle of Shenzhen Precision Press IPM precision punch features: 1 best drill machine, high steel frame design, the use of high-quality steel welding system, through the elimination of internal stress process. Improve the stability of the whole machine accuracy and reliability 2, the transmission center and the center of the machine as a whole to ensure accurate and stable stamping 3 manual busbar bending machine, in order to ensure the relative stability of the machine running, the use of stacked into two sliders, balancer device design 4, transfer mode accuracy of up to 0.1mm, safe, convenient and reliable 5, crankshaft, gears, connecting rod and other components drilling stainless steel, the hard oxidation and grinding process, with a high overall performance and tolerance type

precision punch | pneumatic punch | Shenzhen punch repair

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IPM precision punch | pneumatic punch | Shenzhen punch repair | Shenzhen punch manufacturers IPM Mechanical Technology Co metal punching machine., Ltd. is an international enterprise with more than 10 years experience in manufacturing precision punching machines CNC angle punch. We are committed to providing tailor-made precision presses, pneumatic presses, high-speed precision presses, punch presses and peripheral equipment for customers all over the world. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, and continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff angle steel cutter, make clear the quality target and follow the principle, and ensure the advanced position and reliability of the products in the market competition. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake special needs of customers specifications products.

Record the balance of precision punch – high-precision precision punch manufacturers

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Photoelectric protection device is a set of infrared light beam through the formation of protective grating drill angle iron, when the grating appears to be blocked, the photoelectric protection device sends a signal to control the potential of the photoelectric protector cnc machine for sale, safety light curtain, security grating, Dangerous machinery and equipment to stop working to reduce the operating personnel in the work environment the possibility of injury, the effective protection of the personal safety of workers.

Precision punching operations in the main three elements 1. The most important point is pressure capacity, also known as nominal pressure 2 is the ability to work CNC Angle Line, and refers to a stroke processing can produce the maximum effective capacity 3 is the torque capacity, that is, the pressure capacity of the position The balance point of the precision punch: record the slider position change and balancer air pressure corresponding to the relationship, by the punch displacement curve to determine the balancer air pressure set value.

Application of Oil Feeder in Stamping Production of Precision Punch

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Sheet metal stamping operation, the punch press on the mold up and down reciprocating motion on the surface of the mold material will have a great impact custom cnc machine, this punch press forming process boring equipment, although the product can be a one-time forming, but its also Will produce high temperature or deformation milling machine for sale, resulting in stamping products have unpredictable flaws.

So many in the punch inlet location need to use the oiling device. At present, most of the stamping customers use the oiling device is directly to find a plastic bottle, and then covered with a drill hole after the manual to the oil, this oil to labor intensity, to oil uneven, oil waste, often also Will cause the workshop pollution does not conform to the modernized processing production demand. At this point can be used for the co-section of the double-sided oil machine with the use of precision presses can be the perfect solution to this problem, Wiedeman double-sided oiler to the oiler and oil from the device composed of two functional components, including oil The body is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful appearance and long life, and is equipped with a simple fixed seat, easy to install, special fine-tuning oil design, the amount of oil required to adjust the work to ensure uniform oil painting, punching The material acts to optimize lubrication.

Standard for selection of high – speed punch plate

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High-speed punch fixed plate selection criteria for high-speed precision punch in terms of punching machine is fixed every day than the essential accessories steel cutting machine, high-speed precision punch fixed plate is fixed punch mold plate parts. Fixed discharge plate is fixed in the die position on the unloading plate. The fixed stop pin (plate) is a retaining pin that is fixed in the mold CNC angle mark. High-speed precision punch unloader is unloaded from the external surface of the punch die (order) pieces of non-plate-like parts or devices.

Unloading plate is the material or work (order) from the punch on the fixed or removable plate-shaped parts. Unloading plate is sometimes made with the guide plate integrated, and from the role of lead material drill angle steel, still known as the discharge plate. A discharge screw is a screw that is fixed to the relief stripper plate and serves to limit the rest position of the discharge stripper plate.