Punching high-speed stamping process will produce a lot of noise

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 Punching high-speed stamping process will produce a lot of noise, noisy, as high as 90 or more, if the noise is not working long hours, resulting in a large number of damage in such a work environment will be the operator’s health and noise insulation noise reduction The device is the most effective, according to the feeder and other peripheral equipment tailored punch and match, with super insulation, sound-absorbing effect, is the most effective noise reduction device.

In the field of manufacturing, for the punching plate, the need to use punch press, with the continuous feeding of the punch press the upper and lower reciprocating motion and the material, the material and the die punch can be placed on the table to define the shape of the mold, stamping molding material continuously jobs. Because the size of the material is very small, the corresponding range of movement of the slider is very small, the need to drive the punch set to two or two sets of four crank link mechanism, which is driven by a link slider reciprocating motion. Conventional punch is usually by the column, the column is equipped with a power transmission mechanism can be along the sliding column.

Conventional punches have the following drawbacks:

1, large equipment, the reasons for such a high system. The traditional punch press adopts the vertical combination structure along the column direction, resulting in huge punch body; In addition, the slider sets in the column, front and rear direction, installation and maintenance of the slider is not convenient.

Close in 2, punch height adjustment difficult, adjust the accuracy. Traditional closed-type punch height by the crank trajectory of the connecting rod mechanism to determine the height adjustment of the punch to adjust the rotation radius of the crankshaft or connecting rod length, the demolition of inconvenient adjustment methods and accuracy is not high.

3, positioning accuracy. The traditional punch-to-slider alignment between the columns prior to the precision ensures the positioning of the slider, with the friction between the block and the column being deteriorated by the positioning accuracy.

Aimed at the shortage of traditional punch, IPM machine specially designed a three-column guide pillar punch, which solves the problem of mass punching, inconvenience of maintenance manufacture fundamentally, closed height adjustment, adjustment accuracy of technical problems and positioning accuracy. It has three major advantages:

1, reasonable structure, easy to install and maintain. Three-round guide pillar of the punch body with a mechanism, three circular guide structure of the movement, is a horizontal composite structure, only the slider positioning mechanism to connect the slider and the traditional structure of the front cover, in addition to block relatively easy installation and maintenance , Compact structure is simple, small size of the device.
Three round guide column punch

Closed in 2, punch height adjustment convenient, high precision adjustment. Three-column guide punch with Japan’s cross-flow adjustment mode motor and digital display change the mold closed height punch, highly accurate, fast and accurate.

3, punch block positioning accuracy, high-pressure frequency conversion. According to the direction of the force of the positioning mechanism of the slider using different structures in the direction of moving parts, with the elastic plate structure of the positioning mechanism, the front and rear direction of the vertical movement of the material, a small force direction is a curve roller positioning, Positioning a combination of the sliding accuracy and reliable positioning, stamping frequency up to 1,200 times per minute, and my three-round guide column punch positioning mechanism is simple, easy maintenance.