Punch industry as a whole and the stock market has a bit under the relationship

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Punch industry nearly two months to the overall market under the plan, the dealers all over the country responded to the market is not good, but the stock market more in full swing this is actually what the reason, in fact, the stock market since the end of 2014 opened up to 2015, many small business owners Money into the stock market, that earned more than in the punch on the money, so the funds are quilted labor, combined with the construction industry caused by the weak, the punch produced by the substantial reduction in demand for accessories, business volume is also reduced, which is the overall market Impact, the future development of punch is bound to better, because a variety of new equipment need punch, from large enterprises in 2015 is expected to purchase is not difficult to see that a variety of industries have more or less punch on the needs of such a punch on the needs of I do not have to say it, although the current downturn, but the future will certainly be getting better and better!

IPM machine punch with two decades of production history, which constantly updated products, so far not only in the use of products, but also in the maintenance of products than the previous level.

Talking about the Pressure in the Stamping Process of Press and the Demand of the Market

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Fine punching Pressing in the process, the parts of the production of smaller parts of the processing, because the precision punch to identify the terms of work, look at the work of different private individuals is different. Due to precision pressure punch processing parts of the size requirements of the size of the mind, the size of the performance of different textures made in the use of the establishment of a variety of methods, and outlined the segregation process and the production process is divided into two categories. Precision punching process The purpose of household separation, precision pneumatic punch along the necessary surface separation and metal sheet stamping parts, precision punching punching part of the texture must meet certain requirements. In the scope of the formation of curling deepening flange expansion necking spinning and other molding process, rough and not destroyed under the conditions of plastic deformation and processed into the required shape of the finished product, but should meet the accuracy requirements.
As a result of the symmetrical crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, the thermal deformation is the smallest, the bottom dead center displacement is the smallest and the forming result is willing. The precision press is the most suitable punching machine for high speed precision machining. The crankshaft connecting rod presses, which are based on the principle of maximizing the crankshaft link mechanism, are simplified with new mechanisms and supplemented with punch volume, high rigidity and excellent heat balance characteristics. As a result of the SPM change caused by changes in the closed-die height to Denko 1 hit and the second fight caused by the bottom dead center displacement to suppress to a minimum.Therefore, due to the full symmetrical balancer, rolling the fruit 100% to be taken, As a result of the use of the dominant component of the balance of each other to offset the body, and 2 plunger, 8-pin needle roller type dual-rail, and further popularize the slider-resistant bias load skills. As a result of long life, low noise of the new non-isolated gather / brake, to achieve a low noise operation. In terms of performance, lengthened the volume of the slider, the crank angle of the use of electronic reversal opened, etc., to improve the handling.
Punch industry and the link for ten years of high-speed elongation of the economy, precision punch industry, the primary economic target growth rate that fell down, extreme precision punch in the profit growth rate to accelerate down, highlighting the punch to accelerate the layout of the cut dying, Taiping punch The cost is imminent. China’s precision punch industry realized a surplus of $ 12.4 billion in foreign trade, mainly due to the low-end processing industry in the wealth chain, and in the “general trade”, which is more responsive to the competition of the actual punch industry, Billion US dollars of the large deficit. Reflecting the punch industry in China is a comparative advantage in the industry, may be important to support China’s exports to Japan. Showing that China’s competitiveness in the main body of the current low-end punch products cost advantage in the field of high-end equipment and the level of progress is still ambitious distinction. Speed ​​up the industrial structure of the punch, and fundamentally alleviate the current punch press industry is facing lower profit margins, weak demand for shopping malls, punch prices and other issues the only way out. Precision punching industry must be from the direction of speed, scope for the first orientation, degenerate into a quality, efficiency first goal orientation, even at the expense of a little speed, but also continuously promote the press structure adjustment and upgrading.

How to Reduce the Noise Generated by Press

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1, the workshop reverberation time and the noise source of the noise value: Reverberation time is the indoor sound steady state, the sound in the room residual sound stopped by the sound source wall absorption reflection, the average energy density dropped to the original one millionth. The reverberation time is longer and it shows that the sound is reflected in the workshop several times, the energy decay rate is slow, and the noise in the workshop at the reverberation time of the same sound source is longer than the reverberation time.

2, the choice of sound-absorbing material: sound insulation board a total of five parts, sound-absorbing cotton perforated hole in the hole noise, part of the energy into heat through the glass wool and silk vibration consumption, the other part is separated from the outer layer of steel, vibration absorption Can share.

3, sound-absorbing plate sealing treatment: the entire production line closed processing is how small the sound-absorbing panels spliced ​​into a closed body, so in order to ensure noise reduction, in the design and manufacturing need to control the gap between each sound-absorbing panels, the general Is 1 to 2. In order to minimize the effects of noise reduction through noise, sealant is usually used to seal the gap.

4, ventilation: the heat generated by the operation of equipment, coupled with the thermal insulation properties of sound-absorbing material glass wool, the temperature is often higher than the external 3 ~ 5 ℃, after the implementation of noise reduction project, in a closed production line, An exhaust fan is mounted at the top of the wall to draw hot air in the enclosed space so that the punch forms an internal negative pressure and the outside air can enter the interior noise wall. Low noise fans are selected in the exhaust fan to avoid noise effects.